Christopher Kennedy

Software Engineering | Systems Administration

The joining of software and infrastructure into a love of DevOps.

Welcome to my site!

Why not hang out for a while, have a coffee or two?

This site represents a new project I am taking on. I am going to explore Unix and Unix-like operating systems, C, Python, and shell programming, DevOps, systems administration, and software development. All of the abstraction, theory, and application will be discussed in depth. There is a weekly audio component, some videos that I will record, and various gatherings in between. I am going to host a Linux User Group for those that want to participate.

For any questions, comments, concerns, or critique, please e-mail me here. If you don't like the mailto thing, it's chris at admindev dot tech. If you have no questions, commments, conerns, or critique, that's fine too, feel free to reach out. You can also visit the forum to stop and say hi.